Hightehch Humanity (H2)

Our primary mission is helping to close the digital skills gap with an inclusive community of Hightech Humanitarians.


A Hightech Humanitarian believes in the use of logic and intelligence to build cross cultural bridges that strengthen the nation as well as reduce social conflict


A Hightech Humanitarian believes that all human beings matter, we are all connected, and that we should all work together to ensure that no group is treated poorly


A Hightech Humanitarian strongly believes that “Unity is Strength and Division is Weakness” and that we all, as the human race, should focus on social harmony, equality, and justice for everyone in the nation

Free Community Services

We are here to provide free non-profit community services to help inspire and empower the next generation.

EthicallyHacking.Space Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) skills Incubator

Free mentoring for entering the Cyber Security Profession

Free mentoring for Projects that support Positive Social Change

Free mentoring for Projects that support Positive Cultural Unity

All of our services are provided in alignment with non-profit policies.

Our Corporate Partners